2021 Maritime Chess Festival

Oct 8 - 11
Credit Union Place (Convention Centre)
511 Notre Dame St
Summerside, PEI

All players will be required to "sign" off on Covid-19 Provisions prior to the tournament

Participants not from PEI require a PEI pass to enter the Island
AND a NB Travel Registration to enter NB (even NB residents)

Event Schedule

Maritime Open Chess Championship...Sat, Oct 9 - Mon Oct 11

Maritime Rapid Chess Championship...Fri, Oct 8

Maritime Amateur Chess Championship...Sat, Oct 9

Maritime Junior Chess Championship...Sun, Oct 10

Maritime Blitz Championship...Sun, Oct 10


Register via e-mail transfer to: fred_mckim@hotmail.com
or send a cheque to Fred McKim, 17 Moreau Dr, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 2Y1

Early Registration ends Aug 1 = $10 discount for the Maritime Open; $5 discount for any side event
Regular Registration ends Sept 15
Late registration is by emt after Sept 15, or on site - until 30 minutes before Round 1 .... $10 extra for the Maritime Open; $5 extra for any side event

In order to help with planning, it is appreciated if players will notify Fred if they are planning / interested in playing (along with which side events)


The Cafe will be open the following hours
Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 9pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm .... Those staying for the Blitz Tournament will need to leave the building for food or drink after 4pm
Monday 10am - 4pm

MCF Sponsoring Hotel

Quality Inn & Suites Garden of the Gulf .... 618 Water St East (2.8 km from tournament)
2021 Rates
Main Hotel - 2 queen beds, $129.99 plus tax - based on 2 per room
One bedroom Suite - 2 queens beds, $149.99 plus tax
Lobby, Dining Room, Indoor Pool and Gym are all located in the main hotel
Drive-Up (adjacent Motel) - 2 queen beds, $119.99 plus tax - based on 2 per room
$10 per person extra per night for more than 2 in a room
Players can call the front desk at 902-436-2295 or 1-800-265-5551 and just ask for the "Maritime Chess Festival Block", the agents will help them from there

Information on other motels, hotels, and inns in Summerside

Contact: Fred McKim 902-626-5019

List of Interested (BUT NOT CONFIRMED) Players including 2019/2020 MCF Atendees (62) ...... last updated October 8

Shreyas Balakrishnan (NS) - J/A
Anthony Banks - REGRETS
Lance Beloungie (ME) - REGRETS
Richard Bowes (NB) - REGRETS
Jordan Capello (NB) J
Frank Cheng - J/A
Jacob Cheng (NB) - J/A REGRETS
Jim Cooper (NS)
Landon Cromwell - J/A
Tiernan Dewar - J/A REGRETS
Robert DiDiodato (NB) - REGRETS
Ryan Donovan (NS) - A
Adam Dorrance (NS) REGRETS
Thom Duggan (NL) - A REGRETS
Rene Fehr - A REGRETS
Chris Felix (NS)
Jose Gonzalez-Cueto (NS)
Ankush Gowda - J/A
Justin Gulati REGRETS
Channing Guo - J/A
Robert Hamilton (NB) REGRETS
Samuel Heran-Boily (NS)
Mike Hewson (NL) - A REGRETS
Wane Inkpen (NL) REGRETS
Magnus Justason (NB) - A/J REGRETS
Jerjis Kapra (NS) - J MAYBE
Richard Karis - A REGRETS
David Kenney (NS)
Ed Keunecke - A
Arnab Kundu - J REGRETS
Roger Langen (NS)
Alexandre LeBlanc (NB) - J/A
Zach LeBlanc (NB) - J/A
Jonathan MacDonald (NB)
Donald MacLean (NS) - A REGRETS
Daniel Maillet (NB)
Calix Marchand (NS) - J/A REGRETS
Italo Marzari - A
Lilith Metcalfe - A REGRETS
Chris Munn (NB) - A REGRETS
Landon Murray - J/A
Alvin Nguyen - J/A
Kevin Nguyen - J/A
Martin Nguyen - J/A
Olin Nguyen - A
Laurie Parker (NS) - A
Sam Robitaille (NB) J/A
Keegan Saila - J/A
Ethan Saunders (NB) - J/A
Steve Saunders (NS) -
Jody Smith (NB)
John Smith - A
Eliel Steen - J/A
Larissa Stevenson (NB) - J/A REGRETS
Ryan Stevenson (NB) - A
Andrew Sullivan (NB)
Madoc Sullivan (NS) - J/A
Samel Sunil -J/A
Gordon Tan - J/A
Peter Turner (NB) - REGRETS
Danny Ye - J/A
Devon Yuan - J/A
Derek Xu - J/A
J/A - Indicates known eligibility for these side events

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